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This is just a friendly reminder to please read the group rules before submitting artwork. They are located on the front page for your convenience.

Thank you!

Hello all!

I'm finding myself increasingly busy lately, and as such, I feel I can't devote the time I need to give to this group to help it grow. I'm looking for someone to take over as founder, who will continue to maintain the group in its original spirit.

If you are interested in the position, please leave a comment, along with a brief description of your group-running experience here on dA.

Thank you!
Congratulations! FWW is now over 500 members strong and almost 3 years old! :squee:
Hello members and watchers! FWW is over two years old now, with 441 members, 591 watchers, and 98 affiliates! I'm really proud of how much the group has grown, and I'd love for it to continue to do so. However, I am reaching the point that I need a little bit of help managing things; it's getting a little tough to handle the organization and promotion of the group by myself. Thus, I am reaching out to all of you to ask for some assistance. I am looking for two or three co-founders to help with expansion and management.


- Ideally, I'd like you to have experience managing groups of your own already, so you know how things work in the Admin Area.
- The goal and rules of the group should be a top priority and must be kept in mind when approving submissions. I don't want competing interests sending contradictory messages to members.
- You must be able to come online nearly every day to approve submissions, sort the Featured deviations into their proper folders, and manage the neatness of the gallery and member list.
- I would also like for the co-founders to possess adequate writing skills, so that more blog entries may be written on the subject of fantasy warrior women, thus engaging members to be involved with the group.


Send the group a note with the following information:

- How long you've been on dA
- Links to groups that you manage
- How long you've been a group Admin
- How often you come online on dA
- A brief summary of why you like the group or what interests you most about it

I will accept up to two more candidates for this position.

Hope to see your applications soon! :)


:new: New Co-founder #1 - Kristafee

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